EIGHT is a food service industry chain operating in a wide range of business sectors based mainly in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

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Corporate philosophy

Management Philosophy

Based on our feelings of gratitude, We are creating a place with real soul where you can find an infinite amount of smiles.


What is our philosophy?
This is “What we aim for, why we are here, our goal”
What is our Credo?
That is using “Direction, the Compass of our heart” to get there.Our credo always shows us “what we should aim for and how we should achieve it”

  • We will be sure to fill the restaurants with our smiles as a way of saying “thank you”
  • We are a family. We will be sure to value our coworkers.
  • We will be sure to make our customers happy through the safety of our food.


Typically, a “Manual” will show you how to do something. Manuals say “what to do” and “how to do it”
In other words, the direction of the arrow in the manual is to the center from the outside.

And what about our credo? Our credo is something that shows us "how to proceed in order to head for what we aim for". The arrows of our Credo show us "how to proceed in order to head for what we aim for".
The direction of the arrow for this manual is from the center to the outside.
There are limits to manuals. However, actions conceived from our Credo have endless possibilities.

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