EIGHT is a food service industry chain operating in a wide range of business sectors based mainly in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.



Tempura is a Japanese dish in which you can taste such ingredients as seafood and vegetables, which are mixed in tempura batter and deep fried in oil. The outside surface of tempura is changed instantly by heat so that the deliciousness is trapped inside and the color is preserved, while you can also enjoy the texture, as the ingredients are not cooked at a too high temperature. This restaurant was opened in 1965, and 2015 will be 50th anniversary. This restaurant, Tenshichi, with unique batter and skill of deep-frying, passed down for generations, was introduced by the Michelin Guide before. This is a tempura restaurant where you can taste the ingredi- ents to feel various seasons and gifts from sea, mountains, and the earth.

Lunch 1550JPY

Tenju (tempura on rice in a box) which is Ten- shichi’s specialty is served with miso soup, pick- led vegetables, and dessert.

Dinner 12400JPY

Miyabi course: appetizers, two sashimis, ten tempuras, salad, vinegared food, rice, and des- sert.

Address: 5-64Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city JAPAN 231-0013

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